August 15, 2015 – Boutique Sin

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“No matter how distracting you make the frame, it still won’t change the picture.” –Zack Whitsel

     An out-of-state company recently donated a large amount of dress shirts to a ministry that I am associated with. I pulled a trailer there to pick them up and had the opportunity to go inside the factory. This business manufactures a large variety of dress shirts for just about every company you can think of. If Walmart wanted a generic dress shirt to sell at an affordable price, they could get one from this company. When a higher end department store orders shirts from the same factory, they simply change the branding. When you and I purchase the shirt with the more appealing designer logo, we are actually buying the same generic shirt, it has just been relabeled.

Most of us struggle with a list of inward sins, but instead of recognizing them for what they are we, often relabel them to make them more acceptable to our conscience. I can feel better about myself if I view my pride as self confidence. I can live selfishly and neglect my priorities so long as I excuse it under the banner of work ethic. I can hate the successful people I’m envious of by pretending to discern their motives as evil. The average Christian isn’t going to get dressed in the morning, put his keys in his pocket, and head out the front door with the intentions of committing blatant sin. The pitfall of the moral mind is its ability to justify everything it does. Cheap sin may look classy when it has been relabeled, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is still cheap sin.

Submitted by Zack Whitsel
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