August 13, 2015 – Is the Lord on Your List?

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“I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because I see everything by it.” –C.S. Lewis

     I am a list guy.  I keep a list of goals in front of me on a regular basis.  I also have a daily to-do list to remind me of pressing issues that need to be addressed.  I also try to have a mental list of things that are important in my life.  There are many items on that list, but I do not put God on that list.

That may sound strange at first but allow me to explain.  Most of us make a list of things that are important and we put God at the top; but what I propose is not to have God on the list at all; instead we should make everything on the list revolve around God.  Instead of itemizing God somewhere in our daily agenda, we should make that agenda be itemized around God.

If God were on the list as number one and we spent our time in devotion with Him we could hypothetically check Him off the list and get on with the rest of our daily activities.  I suggest He become a part of everything that we do.   For example, our time with family should revolve around God.  The responsibilities on the job should have God in mind.  Our friendships and finances should be for the honor and glory of God.  Don’t make God just a part of your life, make your life about God.

Daily Reading: Jeremiah 4-6

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