August 5, 2015 – A Place No One Should Go

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“Hell is the highest reward the devil can offer you for being a servant of his.” –Billy Sunday

     The word “Hell” has become taboo in our society.  No one wants to hear about it and no one wants to talk about it; however, Jesus spoke often of hell and gave clear warning about the danger of entering into its God-forsaken regions.  The sadness of hell is that no one has to go there; yet countless of souls enter hell every moment.  Consider these four reasons why no one should go to hell:

1. It is an Awful Place.  The fire of hell, the feeling of hell, and the fear of hell makes it an awful place.  The pain, agony, and terror upon every soul can never be measured with the human mind.

2. It is an Ageless Place.  There are no exits and there is no end.  Hell itself will be cast into the eternal lake of fire.  As long as saints are in heaven, sinners will be in hell- forever.

3. It is an Abandoned Place. Hell is a terrible place not only because of what will be there (fire, anguish, terror, pain), but also because of what will NOT be there.  There is no hope, no light, no peace, and no God.

4. It is an Avoidable Place.  The main reason no one SHOULD go to hell is because no one HAS to go to hell!  Christ paid the price- He is our ticket out of hell and into heaven.  Our dislike of hell will never invalidate its existence.  Hell is real, but praise God, it is avoidable.

Daily Reading: Isaiah 36-41

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