July 27, 2015 – More than a Smudge

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Mascara smudge

“Sin is like circles in the water when a rock is thrown into it; one produces another.” –Philip Henry

     A father had been dealing with his rebellious daughter about her choice of friends.  She was convinced that her newfound companions were not affecting her life, but her father saw the negative influence they were having on her.  She assured him she would be fine and that her dappling in the world was just a casual thing.

Going out one night with her friends, she came down the steps in a white outfit.  Just before walking out the door the father asked her to hand him a piece of coal from the fire.  She said, “Father, I can’t hand you the coal I will get ashes all over my clothing.”  The father replied, “Just handle it lightly and casually.”  As she gingerly picked up the lump of coal her white outfit immediately was covered in smut and ash.  As she saw the filth on her garment she fell under conviction and realized that a “casual” encounter with coal can still make you dirty.  She got the point and asked her father for forgiveness.   She called her “friends” and told them she could no longer join them in their worldly activities.

It doesn’t take very long to feel the consequences of sin when we fail to heed our Father’s Word.  No one is exempt from the danger and toil of its grip.  Pay special attention to the friends you have and the places you go; they can rub off on you. Just a smudge of sin will make you dirty.

Daily Reading: Song of Solomon 1-8

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