July 26, 2015 – Questions in the Quandaries

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“When you are pressed, are you pressed closer to God.”–Rick Scarough

     We are reminded in the book of James that troubles and trials are an inevitable part of life- they will come.  It is not a matter of “if they come” but “when they come.”  We naturally try to hurry ourselves through pain and travail without realizing that perhaps God allowed the trial for a particular reason during a particular season of life. Many people go through the same trials repeatedly because they fail to grasp the life lesson of that trial.  If you are facing hardship consider these questions as you walk in the midst of adversity:

1. What Does God Want Me to Learn from This?  When we were children our parents oftentimes had to discipline us for the same things.  Perhaps your repeated trial is God’s way of teaching you a valuable lesson.  Discover what that lesson is and then apply its truth.

2. How Do I Turn This Into a Triumph?  Instead of looking at the trial as an obstacle consider it an opportunity.  Evaluate your life and how you can get better as a result of the trial being in your life.

3. Who Can I Help As a Result of This Adversity?  God never wastes a trial.  Someone around you can benefit from your burden.  Seek them out and impart grace in their lives through your hardship.

Daily Reading: Ecclesiastes 9-12

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