July 24, 2015 – Getting Out of Order

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“No individual raindrop considered itself responsible for the flood.”      –Anonymous

     Have you ever been in the drive-through at a fast-food restaurant when someone leaves without paying or receiving their food?  It always throws the entire system off.  Not long ago, someone in front of me drove off from the window without paying.  When I pulled up to pay for my food they gave me the wrong order and charged me the wrong amount.  When I told them what had happened it seemed as though the entire staff went into panic mode.  One person leaving the wrong way caused a huge ripple effect, not only for those in line but also for those working in the restaurant.

When we get out of place in the work of the Lord the same thing occurs.  Many times people will walk off from a church, ministry or relationship not realizing the cause and effect it has on countless others.

Everyone has a place, everyone has a role, everyone has a certain responsibility; and if we fail to embrace our obligation the entire system gets off course.  Perhaps you have been guilty of walking away from something or someone without fulfilling your promise.  Why not go back and make things right with the organization, church, or person you have walked away from?  It will not undo the chaos that was caused; but it may give you the liberty to get back in line.

Daily Reading: Ecclesiastes 1-4

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