July 19, 2015 – The Master’s Monopoly

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“Your effectiveness in ministry is directly related to your willingness to yield to the Holy Spirit.” –Kenneth Kuykendall

     During the great evangelistic campaigns of D.L. Moody it was said that a group of churches collaborated in England for a crusade.  They wanted to invite the fiery preacher to speak at the event.  One young, jealous pastor spoke up in the initial meeting and protested against Moody.  He said, “Why do we need this Mr. Moody?  He is uneducated, inexperienced and unlearned.  Who does he think he is- he doesn’t have a monopoly on the Holy Spirit?”

It was then an older, veteran pastor spoke up and said, “Son, you’re right- D.L. Moody doesn’t have a monopoly on the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit does have a monopoly on Moody.”

When we trust Christ by faith in salvation the Holy Spirit regenerates and transforms us by indwelling our body and life.  We will never have any more of the Holy Spirit than we had at that moment.  The question is- will He have more of us?

Do we yield our lives unto Him or do we grieve and quench Him from working in and through us.  The reason why God can use men of low degree is not because of their ignorance, but rather because of their dependence upon Him.  Moody was greatly used by God because of His reliance upon the work of the Holy Spirit.

Daily Reading: Proverbs 19-21

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