July 9, 2015 – The Shepherd is Resolved

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“Responsibility is proportionate to opportunity.” –Woodrow Wilson

     The Good Shepherd leaves the fold, enters the wilderness, and searches with divine resolve for his lost sheep.  Christ, in the parable of Luke 15 says, “And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders…” (Luke 15:5).

Christ did not say, “If he finds it.”  He said, “And when he hath found it.”  There is a big difference between “if” and “when.”  “If” implies there is a chance the shepherd cannot or will not find it.  But “when” declares that He will look until it is found.  “When” means there is no stopping the shepherd.

He will search night and day.  He will search high and low.  He will search near and far.  He will search until the sheep is back in his possession.

     Those who are lost can only be found by the efforts of the Good Shepherd.  We are not found by the church, the denomination, or the religious institutions of our day.  We are only found by the Good Shepherd.  And the good news is this: He doesn’t stop looking until He finds what He is looking for!

Daily Reading: Psalms 120-132

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