June 27, 2015 – The Lion and the Shepherd

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Wandering feet are the results of a wandering heart” –Kenneth Kuykendall

     One thing you will discover in watching nature shows is the cruelty of the animal kingdom.  The lion stalks and tracks his prey in a very deliberate and intentional way; and almost always pounces upon the weakest and most fragile of the herd.  Typically, the victim is an animal that has strayed from the flock.  Having distanced itself from its support group, the tender, immature prey is devoured with ease.

This is the way the enemy works.  He is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  He is crafty and cunning and has his eyes set upon the weakest of the flock.  This is why it is important as believers not to wander from the fold of God.  When a sheep strays from the Shepherd, he puts himself at greater risk of being attacked.  He subjects himself to the dangerous terrain of the world and becomes an easy target for the devil.

We must work diligently at maintaining our closeness to the Lord.  We can do this by: keeping our hearts and minds in the Word of God; attending church on a weekly basis; involving our lives in the service of God; maintaining good, godly relationships with people of faith; and walking daily with the Shepherd.

Don’t be a statistic.  Remember-the enemy preys on those who stray.

Daily Reading: Psalms 78-79

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