June 15, 2015 – On the Side of the Road

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Sin hath the devil for its father, shame for its companion, and death for its wages”– Thomas Watson

     Not long ago I was sitting at a red light and noticed a crew of state prisoners picking up debris on the road.  There was one man in particular that caught my eye.  He hung his head in shame and only glanced up periodically at the passengers driving by.  As I studied his movements I sensed his humiliation as he recognized everyone staring at him in his bright orange jump suit.

When I drove under the light I thought of the consequences of sin.  I have no idea what brought this man to this place in his life; but whatever it was he was paying the price.  If years ago this man could have seen the end results of sin, I am certain he would have refrained.  But the sad reality is sin doesn’t work that way.

Sin is presented in a beautiful, fun-loving package; you initially cannot see what is inside.  However, once it is opened it corrupts and condemns you.  Sin never tells you about the headaches and heartaches.  It never shows you the danger, the depression, the doom, or the death it brings. It never shares with its victims the cold reality of people staring at you in disdain as you pick up trash in an orange jump-suit supervised by someone with a gun.  No, sin doesn’t work that way.   We should go to great lengths to guard our hearts from sin.  It will leave you on the side of life’s road.

Daily Reading: Psalms 17-20