June 12, 2015 – The Investment of Time

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Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week”– Unknown

     Someone has astutely written, “Procrastination is my sin, it brings me naught but sorrow; I know that I should be resolved, in fact, I will…tomorrow.”  The very best of us deal with this besetting sin from time to time.  The worst thing about procrastination is the time we squander.  In putting something off we are actually wasting the God-given opportunities of each day.

Have you ever considered how many wasted hours there are in a week?  How much time is spent on unproductive activities?  John Maxwell says, “Time is an equal-opportunity employer; everybody gets twenty-four hours in a day-no more, no less-but not everybody gets the same return on their twenty-four hours.”  The reason why some people get a better return on their time is because they invest wisely in the time they have.

What do you really need to get done today?  Instead of putting it off until tomorrow or next week, go ahead and attempt to finish the task at hand.  The apostle Paul told us to “Redeem the time!”  It is precious and it is passing.  Whatever we are going to do we must do it quickly.  Make a list of things that need to be done today.  Prioritize those items based upon their importance, and attempt to get it done.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what must be done today!

Daily Reading: Job 40-42
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