June 9, 2015 – Bad Spirit with a Bad Haircut

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To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing” –Elbert Hubbard

     Before his business trip to Rome, a particular salesman needed a haircut.  The barber was notorious for being negative and critical; and began interrogating the salesman about every aspect of the trip. When the barber heard what airline the salesman was using he said, “That’s a terrible company-small seats, bad food, high prices-poor choice.”  When the salesman told him what hotel he would be staying at, the barber replied, “That hotel is in a bad part of town, and they have horrible service.”  The barber asked, “Why are you going to Italy anyway?”  The salesman replied, “To do business and to see the Pope.”  The barber negatively said, “Well, Rome is a terrible place for business and more than likely you will never see the Pope.”

Three weeks later the salesman came back from his trip and needed another haircut.  When the barber asked about the trip the salesman said, “It was great.  The flight was wonderful, the hotel was terrific; I closed the deal, and saw the Pope.”  Much to his surprise he said, “What did the Pope say when you saw him?”  The salesman said, “He asked me where I got such a lousy haircut.”

A critical spirit helps no one.  Instead of finding the wrong in everything, work hard at trying to find what is right.  Negativity towards someone else is usually the result of a poor self-image. If you cannot offer solutions to a situation, you are part of the problem.

Daily Reading: Job 32-34

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