June 3, 2015 – Anywhere a Sanctuary

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Enter into his gates with thanksgiving; and into his courts with praise”– King David

     What does my truck, my shower, my basement, my church office, and my kitchen all have in common?  They have all at various moments in my life been converted to a sanctuary.

When we think of a sanctuary we oftentimes associate it with stain-glassed windows, a wooden pulpit, rows of pews, and a water-filled baptistery.  However, a sanctuary is any place where you encounter God. The Lord chose to reveal Himself in very odd places according to the Word of God.  Moses encountered God in a desert at a burning bush.  Abraham discovered God on top of a mountain near an altar.  Gideon experienced God in the threshing floor.  Paul and Silas converted an old Philippian jail cell into a celestial sanctuary as they sang praises unto God at the midnight hour.

Our worship and praise to the King of kings is not confined to a building, campus, or estate.  Going down the road in our car we can worship God.  Working during the morning hours on our computer we can worship God.  Walking the ninth hole of a golf course we can worship God.  The Bible teaches us that God inhabits the praise of His people-regardless of where they may be.  Go ahead and give God the praise, He can find you no matter where you are!

Daily Reading: Job 11-13

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