May 26, 2015 – The Surgeon and the Patient

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“Courage opens the door that would have remained shut if left to the rule of majority” – Kenneth Kuykendall

     Medical history was made in 1921 by surgeon Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane at the Kane Summit Hospital in Pennsylvania.  Through much research and study Dr. Kane wanted to prove that local anesthesia was safer than using general anesthesia.  Many of his peers and colleagues were skeptical of his theory and demanded proof from Dr. Kane before they tested it on their patients.

After weeks of searching for a patient Dr. Kane realized no one was willing to put his theory to the test.  With great courage the audacious surgeon prepped himself for surgery…on himself!  He was given the local anesthesia and wheeled into the surgical room; there he successfully performed his own appendectomy.  After two days of being in the hospital Dr. Kane was released not only as a healthy patient, but as a visionary, pioneer surgeon.

True courage and leadership is not afraid to be out front.  Heroism is doing what others fear to do.  Courage opens the door that would have remained shut if left to the rule of majority.  If God has placed a dream in your heart, He will equip you to see that dream fulfilled.  Step out on faith, refuse to listen to the critics, and boldly attempt what others are fearful to try.  Don’t just be the surgeon, be the patient if necessary!

Daily Reading: Nehemiah 8-9

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