April 25, 2015 – For the Love of Christ

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“Humility is the freedom from thinking about yourself at all.” –William Temple

     In his book, Treasures of the Transformed Life, John Mathison tells of a group of businessmen who visited a leprosarium in Korea.  They noticed a young, beautiful American nurse tending to those with leprosy.  One of the businessmen commented to her, “If you lived in America, you could make a good living. You wouldn’t have to care for these lepers.”

Without any comment the nurse continued working.  The businessman spoke again, “I wouldn’t do what you do for a million dollars.”  The nurse turned to the man and replied, “I wouldn’t either; I do it for the love of Christ.”

Devotion to Christ should be the catalyst for any and all ministry.  Jesus told Peter to feed his sheep.  But his assignment was directly related to his love for Christ.  “If you love me” in essence, “you will feed my sheep.”  Whether we preach, sing in the choir, engage the homeless, or wipe the brow of the leper: We should do it because we love Christ.  Any other motivation for ministry will lead to frustration, spiritual angst, and pride.  Ask yourself this question: Do I do what I do for the love of Christ?

Daily Reading: 2 Kings 15-17

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