April 3, 2015 – Grace is the Answer

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“We apprehend that the finished work of Christ is the hub in which all the spokes of our blessings meet.” –F.E. Marsh

     It is a wicked notion to think that you can earn God’s favor apart from grace. Most believers accept that sentiment as Bible truth; but many times we believe our devotional life is contingent upon something other than grace. If not careful, we can rely on the flesh to satisfy the righteousness of God.  This idea is actually the first step toward indifference.  There is nothing in the flesh that can take us into the presence of God.  Equally, there is nothing in the flesh that can lead us out of complacency.

If you have failed in your devotional efforts, grace is the answer.  If you don’t feel like reading your Bible, grace is the answer.  If you cannot pray with passion, grace is the answer.  Grace means that we abandon our performance before God and simply trust in Him to usher us into the joy of devotion.  I love how Jerry Bridges put it in his book, The Bookends of the Christian Life, “We must renounce any trust in our performance when we believe we’ve earned God’s acceptance by our good works. Be we also trust in our performance when we believe we’ve lost God’s acceptance by our bad works–by our sin.  So we must renounce any consideration of either our bad works or our good works as the means of relating to God.”  Spiritual discipline will never earn grace; and it is that very truth that should propel us to know Him more.

Daily Reading: 1 Samuel 25-27