March 26, 2015 – Give Me More of Jesus

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“Eden is that old-fashioned house that we dwell in every day, without suspecting our abode until we drive away” –Emily Dickinson

     There is a four-letter word that destroys, hinders, and greatly restricts our lives.  It is the word “more.”  The culture at large has bought into the notion that we need more; and so we work fervently to have more.  Technology gives us more ways to communicate, and more ways to stay connected.  Our economy gives us more possessions than any other people group in history.  Our entertainment industries give us more options for leisure than ever before. We constantly long and look for more.

However, with the abundance of more things, we also have more deadlines, more meetings, more responsibilities, and more activities.  As a result, we have more stress, more headaches, more depression, more physical constraints, and more issues.

Ironically, in the pursuit of more, we actually have less: less time, less joy, less peace, less service, less contentment.  In this age of constant progression, we seem to be moving nowhere very quickly.  We have more, but we have more of the wrong things; at least things that bring little value to life.

In our attempts to live successfully, we have failed to live simply.  What we need more of is Christ.  More of Him in our hearts.  More of Him in our pursuits.  More of Him in our relationships.  Only then will more be more.  Without Him, more is really less.