March 7, 2015 – Squash and Oak

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sun burst through oak tree at sunrise with mist

“Waiting need not kill time; it uses time, in anticipation of something to come” –Philip Yancey

     Before James Garfield became the twentieth president of the United States, he was the president of a small, local college.  During his tenor, he was approached by an eager and impatient father who asked Garfield, “Is there any way you can get my son through this institution faster than four years.  Time is running out and the business world is waiting!”

Garfield wisely and astutely replied, “Well, it all depends on what you want.  Squash only takes three months to grow, but if you want an oak, that requires four years.”

Mel Lawrenz said of the subject, “Patience is necessary because time is the track along which life runs, and you get to your destination by going one mile at a time.” Life requires patience.  It is the natural flow and course of our existence.  If we move too hurriedly through something we will not develop the strength, wisdom, and courage to stand…we become squash.

Yes, life takes time.  An oak doesn’t grow overnight, but when it comes to maturity, it stands in beauty and strength. It takes time for a seed to develop, for a child to speak, for a season to pass.  Time is the fertilizer of growth.  Be cautious about moving too quickly through a trial or particular season in your life.  You may be settling for squash when God is trying to raise an oak.