February 28, 2015 – Doing the “Scales” with God

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“We all want to spend eternity with God, we just don’t want to spend time with Him” –Mark Batterson

     During the first half of the twentieth century, Poland hired the famed pianist Ignace Jan Paderewski as part of their war effort.  They wanted him to play concerts on behalf of the government to raise financial support for their military campaigns.  Paderewski agreed to play for the war effort with one condition.  He wanted to play scales for three hours a day.  He said, “Pay me for eight hours, but I will play scales for three.”

Why would someone with the genius and ability of Paderewski need to invest that many hours into such a fundamental activity?  He explained it this way, “If I skip one day of scales, I will notice. If I skip two days of scales, my coach will notice.  But if I skip three days, the world will notice.”

Talent, ability, and giftedness cannot replace practice and hard-work.  Those who excel in their area of service do so because of their willingness and desire to do the “scales” every day of their life.  If this is true in music, it is certainly true in your relationship with God.

If you go a day without spending time with God, you will notice it.  But if you go an extended time without being in His presence, the world will notice it.  Make it a goal to spend quality time doing “scales” with the Lord.  Your music will be a pleasant sound to the war-torn atmosphere of this world.