February 26, 2015 – Glorious Light

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SUNSET 6-28-13 (2)

“It’s not uncommon to feel unholy the holier you become” –Kenneth Kuykendall

     Imagine being in a dimly-lit room while trying to get dressed for the day.  As you assemble your outfit, everything seemingly looks fine, but when you walk into the hallway, the light is more vibrant.  You notice that your jacket is mismatched with your pants.  As you walk from the hallway to the living room, the light gets even stronger.  It is then you realize your pants are mismatched with your shirt.  As you walk outside, the sun is shining brightly.  In full daylight, what looked good in the dark has been brought to light, and you notice that even your socks are wrongly matched.

This is the very idea of sanctification.  Some would contend that the closer you get to the Lord (the Light) the less conviction you experience; on the contrary, the closer you get to the Lord the more conviction you experience.  As we draw nearer to Christ, we are forced to line up our lives with His.  It is not uncommon to feel unholy the holier you become.  This is God’s way of dealing with our pride in consecration.

One may ask, “Why bother then? Why not stay in the dark and be content with what I am wearing?”  The answer: the darkness may conceal our indifference, but it cannot change our indifference.  Only when we are exposed to the glorious Light of Jesus Christ can we begin to rely upon the Holy Spirit to transform us into His image.  Change rooms and you’ll change clothes.