February 25, 2015 – How to Detect Counterfeits

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“So skilled is error at imitating truth that the two are constantly being mistaken for each other” –A.W. Tozer

     Years ago, banks spent millions of dollars training their tellers how to detect counterfeit money.  They held seminars, classes, and various training sessions about the most inconspicuous marks and patterns of genuine bills.  From smelling the money to running their fingers across the embedded fibers, the tellers were required to know the smallest of details about real and legitimate currency.

Once they went through the training, they would be tested.  The tellers were given multiple bills to process, most of them genuine.  Occasionally a counterfeit bill would be passed in the mix. The trained tellers would be able to detect a counterfeit bill, not because they knew the particulars of the counterfeit, but because they knew the particulars of the real money.  They did not have to know all about the counterfeit bills, they just had to know when it didn’t line up with the authentic currency.

This is a vital principle in Bible study.  We should be able to detect error, not because we have studied error, but because we have studied truth.  We should open the Word of God, handle its pages, read its words, and apply its principles.  By doing such, we are more prepared to distinguish false doctrine and teaching when we encounter it.  The more familiar we become with truth, the more discernment we have with the counterfeits.