January 21, 2015 – Reaching the Next Generation

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“It is common sense to put the seal in thewax while it is still hot” –Arthur Jackson

If we are going to reach the next generation for Christ we will have to do so with an honest, genuine, and authentic approach.  Young people are very capable of discerning our motives.  Therefore, our intentions must be right; furthermore, they must be biblical.  So how do we reach the next generation?

Evangelize.  The Gospel is the breeding ground for influence.  The authority of our leadership is based upon the message of God’s Son.  In order to train the next generation we must reach the next generation with the Gospel.  This is always the starting point.

Encourage.  Every young person I know needs encouragement.  Start with your own children.  Offer them more than information or lectures.  Give them your own life experiences, your time, your stories.  Share a joke, take them fishing, lend an ear, write a note.  Do something to let them know you are interested in their life.

Enlist. Sign them up for ministry.  Ask them to go with you on visitation.  Invite them to a class or a conference.  Let them see you minister and allow them to minister with you.  When young people are involved they are more likely to stay interested.

Equip.  Give them God’s Word.  Teach them the truth.  Do more than build a relationship with them; help them build a relationship with God.  Ultimately mentoring is about helping them meet the Master.