January 19, 2015 – The Echo of God’s Voice

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“Is your experience with God a first-hand relationship or a second-hand rumor?” –Kenneth Kuykendall

Have you ever gotten information second-hand?  Second-hand knowledge typically has flaws and is oftentimes impersonal.  When you are not there to experience a particular event first-hand, your knowledge of that event is basically founded upon hearsay.  Sadly, many Christians are living their lives through the experiences of others.

In his book, The Crucified Life, A.W. Tozer said, “Modern Christians are so busy doing this and doing that, going here and going there, that they know God only by hearsay. We hear of this and hear of that, but we never hear it for ourselves.  We too easily settle for substitutes rather than the real thing. Under these circumstances, the most we can expect to heart is the indistinguishable echo of God’s voice.”

Do we hear God’s voice or merely an echo?  Think about it.  Do you hear from God firsthand or do you simply here the reverberations of something told by someone else.  Is your experience with God a first-hand relationship or a second-hand rumor?

Failure to hear from God has nothing to do with His unwillingness to speak, but everything to do with our unwillingness to listen.  The noise and chatter of this world too often drowns out the still small voice of the deep.  Reduce and minimize all the idle chatter and learn to hear the voice of God again, not just an echo from days gone by.


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