December 20, 2014- The Echo of God’s Voice

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“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear”– Jesus Christ

In his book, The Crucified Life, A.W. Tozer points out a sobering trend in modern Christianity.  Tozer, who had the voice of a prophet, proclaimed, “Modern Christians are so busy doing this and that, going here and there, that they know God only in hearsay. We hear of this and that, but we never hear it for ourselves. We too easily settle for substitutes rather than the real thing. Under these circumstances, the most we can expect to hear is the indistinguishable echo of God’s voice.”

Imagine such a thing: Going through life and only hearing the echo of God’s voice.  Some believers only faintly hear an undetermined sound from the corridors of glory.  They have forgotten the bliss of hearing the Father speak their name as only He can.  They have allowed horns, cell phones, worldly music, and a hundred other noises to fade the voice of God to a mere reverberation.  They only hear what has been spoken in days gone by, and try to substantiate yesteryear as a valid place to maintain their relationship with the divine.  All the while, God is speaking.  He is speaking today, but they do not hear.

It is time that we hear “what the Spirit sayeth to the churches.”  Jesus invites us to put on our spiritual hears so we can clearly discern His Father’s voice, not just the echo.


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