November 26, 2014- Giving Thanks

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“Careful for nothing, prayerful for everything, thankful for anything” –D.L Moody

Giving thanks is more than an expression of gratitude.  It is that, but truthfully we can say “thank you” to someone and not really mean it.  Gratitude is more than words communicated; it is ultimately a mindset, a mentality.  It is a keen awareness of our dependence upon a particular thing or person, and then demonstrating that appreciation through a charitable relationship.

Thanksgiving is not really a holiday of indulgence and stuffing, it is a lifestyle that actually sacrifices and succumbs to the reality of grace – God’s grace imparted and enjoyed.  So what does it really mean to give thanks?

Most of the time we reduce our blessings to those tangible items found around the home.  But what things unseen? Joy, peace, grace, contentment, assurance, hope, rest, and security: all of these deserve our gratitude and appreciation.

Giving thanks means assessing your life and recognizing all that you have. As the word suggests, thanksgiving is not just about “thanks,” it is equally about “giving.” Thanksgiving is about returning our appreciation to the One who abundantly gives daily to our needs, and even our desires.


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