November 24, 2014- Impressions of Life

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“Church is not a place where people go, it is something that people are” –D. Stuart Briscoe

If you are familiar with the Impressionistic paintings of Claude Monet, you already know that his portraits look better the further away you get from them.  This was his intention, this was his genius.  If you view his works at a close perspective, they look like chaotic, disordered, messy strokes of paint.  Ironically, as you step away, the painting actually begins to come into focus.  The impression of the work is better experienced at a distance.

This is a method that works in life as well.

Sometimes in order to see the big picture, it is necessary to step back, get the entire scene in view, and order accordingly.  Monet was not concerned with all the particulars as much as he was the grand scheme of things.  Yes, we should take care of details; we should plan, organize, and make certain preparations for life.  However, if we get so caught up in the minutiae, we may very well miss out on the masterpiece.

When was the last time you took a few steps back?  When was the last time you saw your life from a big-picture perspective?  If it has been awhile, you may want to put the brush down, walk away from the picture, and take a look at what you are painting on your canvas.


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