November 10, 2014- The Truth About Twist-ties

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“It’s easy to dodge our responsibilities; but we cannot dodge the consequences of our responsibilities” –Sir Josiah Stamp

I never knew the proper name of this grand invention.  I believe the term is twist-tie.  To be honest, I never gave much attention to the little metal-wire contraption attached to the end of a loaf of bread; but recently I wanted to make a sandwich and realized the twist-tie was nowhere to be found.  As I reached into the plastic bag, I suddenly discovered the importance of this seemingly insignificant device.  Sliced ham doesn’t taste as good on stale bread.

Little things make a big difference.  When we fail to take care of the little things in our life, larger problems seem to follow.  It’s a little thing to put gas in the tank; it’s a big problem when we are on the side of the road.  It’s a little thing to tie your shoes; it’s a big problem when trip and fall.  It’s a little thing to lock up the fence; it’s a big problem when the dog runs the neighborhood.

A successful life is comprised of doing a lot of little things right.  At the end of the day, little things aren’t that little at all.  They are the things in which make life what it is.  Don’t be misled.  God honors people who honor Him in the little things.  Make sure the twist-tie is in its proper place today…and you’ll not have to worry about growing stale.