November 9, 2014- Spiritual Flossing

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“Sanctification is a work of God, conducted through life and completed in death” –William Plumer

My wife is a dental hygienist.  She constantly stresses to my family the importance of flossing.  Most people have no problem brushing their teeth multiple times a day, but flossing is another story.  The American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day, but a majority of Americans disregard the recommendation.  Brushing alone will not give a person the total dental health that they need.

From time to time we should do some spiritual flossing.  Oh sure, we have a daily regimen of brushing, but what about those hard to reach areas that are underneath the surface?  This is not about having a bright, religious smile; no, this goes beyond vain cosmetics.  This involves your overall health.  This is about reaching places that are typically unseen.

Over time we accumulate worldly plaque.  This not only gives off a foul smell, it actually causes other health problems.  According to WebMD, studies indicate that a build-up of plaque can lead to heart disease and dementia.  If this is true in the natural sense, it is certainly true in the spiritual.

Add spiritual flossing to your daily routine.  Get below the surface by wrapping God’s Word around every area of your life.