November 8, 2014- Applying God’s Word

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“Your knowledge of God’s Word only brings Him honor when it is applied” –Kenneth Kuykendall

Our biggest problem when it comes to the Word of God is not reading it, memorizing it, learning it, or even embracing it; it is implementing it.  The true test of our spiritual character is not how we receive the Bible; it is how we appropriate it in our lives. How do we do it?  How do we take what we have read from Scripture and carefully give application?  Consider a few suggestions:

1. Read and meditate daily.  Reading and meditating alone will not bring application, but you have to start somewhere.  If you are not reading His Word, you cannot apply it. Get the Word in your heart and mind.

2. Pray for wisdom.  As you meditate on the Word, ask the Lord to give you remembrance and discernment. Pray over the text and ask God for spiritual enlightenment.

3. Ask Questions.  As you read through a passage, ask yourself plenty of questions.  Who is the author? To whom is he speaking? What is he saying? What is God saying to me? How do I make application?

4. Look for situations. Expect opportunities to occur in which you can apply what you have learned.  Filter each situation through the Word of God, and make decisions in accordance to Scripture.