October 25, 2014- Sanctification in the Snow

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“No man has the right to ask God for peace of mind unless it’s founded on righteousness ”– J. Sidney Harris

Years ago, famed scholar and theologian F.B. Meyer, went on a visit to a home in Scotland. The lady of the house was doing laundry that day and had all of her clothes hanging on a line in the backyard.  During the visit, it began to snow extremely hard.  The whites on the line suddenly looked more dingy than before.  Meyer commented how different the clothes looked against the fresh snow.  The lady of the house replied, “What can stand against God’s almighty white?”

Too often we measure our holiness by the wrong standards.  When we compare our lives to wicked men, popular culture, or the entertainers of our day, we may become prideful in our thinking.  Andrew Murray said, “There is no pride so dangerous, none so subtle and insidious as the pride of holiness.”

The truth is, when we compare our lives to the righteousness of “God’s almighty white” we realize that we are not as clean as we previously thought.  Again, we need to put our standards in the right perspective.  God doesn’t challenge us to simply be “a little better” than the ungodly world.  No, their trends, values, and lifestyles are constantly fluctuating.  God orders us to live by the eternal Word of God.  It is then we see ourselves in light of His glory.