October 22, 2014- Stop Winking, Start Working

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“A commitment to something you believe in is a commitment that is easier to keep”– John Maxwell

Church membership seems to be a deemphasized subject of commitment these days.  For whatever reason, people are expected to fulfill requirements in every area of life (home, job, sports, relationships, investments, etc), but when it comes to church membership, there seems to be a lot of wiggle room.  In an effort to grow the masses, we have failed to call believers to faithfulness.   We may be growing our congregation, our buildings, and our programs, but the church itself is suffering.  Flirty Christians make goo-goo eyes at the steeple, blow meaningless kisses at the altar, and seem to be interested only when it is fun and exciting.  Come Monday, they are flirting with something else.

Flirting requires no commitment.  It requires no real love.  It requires little time, devotion, or energy.  Anybody can flirt.

Faithfulness on the other hand puts the ring on the proverbial finger.  It is the manifestation of love and honor.  It requires much time, attention, investment, devotion, prayer, and affection.  It is not always fun or exciting, but it indeed has its advantages!  Anybody can flirt, but only the committed are faithful.