October 20, 2014- The Law of Harvest – part 3

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“God will give you to give, more than He will give you to keep”– Unknown

I remember when me and Heather were first married.  Trying out our green thumb, we planted tomato bushes in the back yard of our home.  Over the next few weeks we planted, cultivated, watered, and nourished those seeds until the bushes sprang forth. The process truly amazed me. From a few handfuls of seed came forth an abundance of fruit.

Those green and red tomatoes taught me a valuable lesson of harvest: not only do we reap what we sow, and reap later than we sow; we also reap more than we sow.

Someone has rightly said, “God will give you to give, more than He will give you to keep.”  When we sow into the work of God, He abundantly provides above and beyond our initial seed.  This is true in all areas of life.  The divine dividends of God far outweigh our initial investments.

Unfortunately, this universal truth can also work to the detriment of mankind.  Split homes, divided churches, rocky marriages, and destroyed lives are all the result of reaping more than initially sown.

Therefore, sow good seed, and you’ll be able to enjoy the tomatoes!